women waving

“Your love and attention shown to our Mom went far beyond professional attention.  You treated Mom as a special person and she reveled in it.  You never let down even when it got hard to understand her needs.  And you also attended to the needs of all the rest of our family.  We thank God for you and pray for strength for you as you continue your mission.  Thank you for being such caring people.”

“We thank you very much for the care, concern and kindness shown to our loved one.  During her stay she made friends with many of you.  She did appreciate all the gestures of love and all the attention and care given, especially the food.  All you have done to make her life more pleasant is gratefully acknowledged and deeply appreciated by the family.”

“There are not enough words to say how much you have done for my husband.  I know you enjoy your job to do what you do for him and others.  We can’t say thank you enough.”